Chelsea Foundation to establish football school in Norway Official News Site

In association with Cosmo International Football Academy, the Chelsea Foundation is pleased to establish our first football school in Oslo, Norway.

Participants were able to live a unique experience that offered professional training and an introduction to the philosophy and elegance of the Chelsea Foundation. This involved a combination of training courses, workshops and numerous circles in collaboration with the educational organization Cosmo International Football Academy.

Brent Wood, director of the Cosmo International Football Academy, is excited about more courses to be broadcast, commenting: “The first Chelsea Foundation football academy in Ellingsrud, Norway was a huge success. All the players enjoyed an amazing course led by the Chelsea Foundation coaches.

“It was a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable group. We are committed to organizing future programs and working with the Chelsea Foundation.

More than 30 female and male players between the ages of 7 and 15 took the half at the Ellingsrud Football Club on the outskirts of Oslo. Players from all over the country traveled from the Norwegian capital to participate in this unique alternative.

The Soccer School took place from October 7 to 9 and was led by coaches from the Chelsea Foundation and Cosmo International Football Academy.

Michael Cornall, Manager of Operations and International Occasions at the Chelsea Foundation, was very pleased with the results of this inaugural event, saying: “The School of Football in association with Cosmo International Football Academy has been an incredible and unique experience for people. .

“This was the first time the Chelsea Foundation had run a football school in Norway and it was great to see the fun and constructive environment for the players.

"It was nice to see the joy and fun the players had in learning new skills by giving everyone a new Chelsea training experience. I'm sure they will leave with memories to last a lifetime. As we continue to expand our presence Internationally, partnering with CIFA has been a fantastic success as we plan to offer more football faculties together in 2023.”