Reds ask for council aid
Borough Park

Nationwide North side Workington have made a request to their landlords, Allerdale Council, to potentially invest over £1million into Borough Park.

The request is aimed at helping to fund an ambitious re-vamp after opposing a proposal to share a new 10,000-seater stadium with their Rugby League neighbours.

Workington chairman Humphrey Dobie submitted a letter to Allerdale Council detailing Reds' proposed alterations to Borough Park.

It is believed that the club could potentially access £300,000 from the Football Association to aid the funding of their plan with further financial help coming if they are promoted to the Nationwide Conference.

With the council set to sell the nearby Laundry Field site to Tesco, for £18million, the Reds' board believe that they could help out with the £1.5million needed.

The Reds chairman said: "Whatever happens we won't be going to a joint stadium. We think it would be a waste of time.

"Let's not forget the history at Workington. Stanley Matthews, George Best, Bobby Charlton and Duncan Edwards played here. Manchester United's Babes played here a few weeks before they were killed at Munich.

"When Town started, they shared with us in the late 40s/early 50s. It wasn't long before they wanted their own ground, and nobody blamed them. We all want our own identity."

Dobie believes that with two sports being played on the proposed new ground, the pitch would not be in the most ideal state for either.

"Two games a week, over fifty-two weeks, is just ridiculous," he added. "We have done some research and I think 70 per cent of ground-shares eventually fail.

"There's a continuous opportunity for friction. If it came to bits, where would Workington play?"

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